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Shadows Of Cayhurst: Secrets Of The Stone - eBook

Shadows Of Cayhurst: Secrets Of The Stone

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Victory is short lived when Falrick learns Droluk and his monstrous creations have not been truly vanquished. Now he must venture far to find a means to destroy the ancient power before it can find a way to kill Dhiessra and with her death once more rise.

Falrick’s journey takes him across enchanted lands filled with trolls, orcs and other creatures as he searches for a way to unlock the secrets of the stone and the past …

Just when victory seems within their grasp he discovers things are not what they appeared.

Shadows of Cayhurst: Secrets of the Stone is book two of the Shadows of Cayhurst series.

Product Details:

Release Date: 30 June 2020

Author: Yvonne Arlott

Publisher: Ruthern Valley Publishing




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