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Ruthern Valley Publishing (RVP) is a small independent publishing business based in Cornwall that specialises in helping both established and new Cornish authors who want to self publish. Whether it is science fiction or technical books we can undertake work to convert word documents to Kindle format or lay documents out ready for the printers.

Ruthern Valley Publishing is currently only publishing works for the author Yvonne Arlott in the form of an e-book and soon a paperback. RVP has also produced a demonstration film in DVD format for the artist and author.

Published Works

Prelude To Annihilation is Yvonne Arlott’s first science fiction novel. The book focuses on the mysterious "device" that aliens have come looking for on Earth and are prepared to do anything to get, even if that means destroying the entire human race. A paperback version of the book is also in the works and is scheduled to be released soon.

The demonstrational DVD, Lacework Techniques with Yvonne Arlott was first released over 6 years ago and has since sold and continues to sell all round the world. The DVD covers four projects and focusses on how the lacework techniques that she so often uses in her work is done.

Kindle Conversion Services

Ruthern Valley Publishing specialise in converting various formats including word, pdf or even a printed book to Kindle format. They can either offer assistance to authors in an advisory capacity or alternatively they can carry out the entire conversion.

Latest Published Work

Shadows Of Cayhurst: The Awakening Of Droluk


The science fiction book titled Prelude To Annihilation is Cornish author Yvonne Arlott's debut novel.

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