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Shadows Of Cayhurst: The Awakening of Droluk - Paperback

Shadows Of Cayhurst: The Awakening Of Droluk

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In the west of Aegarn, an ancient power has awoken. Monstrous creatures steeped in shadow sweep the land, relentlessly hunting their prey.

In the village of Fifield, a boy is forced from his adopted home and into a world of adventure. His unusual gifts guide him through an incredible world, and set him on a course that will lead straight into the heart of the darkness…

With giants, orcs, beasts and other creatures in their path, Falrick and his companions must do what they can against the seemingly invulnerable army of darkness. But even as new alliances are made, old grudges and old friends cast their own shadows…

Shadows of Cayhurst: The Awakening of Droluk is book one of the Shadows of Cayhurst series.


Product Details:

Release Date: 6 June 2017

Author: Yvonne Arlott

Publisher: Ruthern Valley Publishing

ISBN: 9780992992026




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